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What's the story?

Create a stunning, delicious and nutritious vegetable garden with seeds from

Here I stock a curated collection of some of the finest kitchen garden seeds around for New Zealand gardeners. This stunning collection has been selected and grown on the following criteria:

Why should I buy from you?

Are you certified organic?

No. But most of the seeds are grown using excellent soil management practices, without sprays (chemical or 'commercial organic'), fed only on natural homemade goodies, and selected harvested and packaged using the best seed-saving techniques. Some seed I buy in from other growers and I cant guarantee they act completely the same way. This is why I steer clear of the label organic...too many interpretations.

Do you ship internationally?

No, sorry.

Can I pay by internet banking?

Sure can. Use the contact form to let me know this is what you would like to do.

Where do the seeds come from?

Most are grown right here on the Kapiti Coast. Others I buy in from trusted sources around New Zealand.

Why do you have so many seeds per packet?

Two big reasons:

1 - If you buy a packet of LovePlantLife seeds, you'll have enough to grow a decent number of plants, guaranteed.

2 - Seeds are for sharing.

I'm looking for some magic beans and do you have any of those old-fashioned peppers?

Let me know if you have any special requests/requirements. I am holding, or can source, a large range of other seeds if you are looking for something special.

Where can I buy your seeds?

The following fabulous stores stock LovePlantLife Seeds:

Edible Backyard
268 Florida Rd
Ohau, Levin
Edible Garden
889 Ashhurst-Bunnythorpe Rd
RD 10, Palmerston North
The Greenery
1198 SH1

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