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Parsley - Italian

Parsley - Italian


Petroselinum hortense

The staple of any kitchen herb garden has got to be parsley. The smooth strong flavour of this Italian heirloom variety lends itself to any dish. Amazing to make pesto with. Packed with vitamins and a natural breath freshener too.

Plants grow vigorously and easily. It does well in most soils and can be grown in containers inside or out. Parsley likes it’s morning sun. Keep harvesting by taking off the outer leaves. Generally thought of as a biannual plant but second year growth is often disappointing, so plant anew each year for healthy plants and a constant supply.

Seed type: Heirloom
Seeds per packet: approx 1000
Days to germination: 14-21
Days to harvest: from 30 days

  • Image of Parsley - Italian
  • Image of Parsley - Italian
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