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The key to growing good food is to grow great soil. One of the best techniques for home gardeners to build-up soil is to grow green crops or carbon crops. It’s a cheap and easy method with a wonderful array of benefits.

Our green crops come in small bags making it easy for to reap the benefits of what you sow. Just work out the size of your bed and we will send the measured amount. Only $1 for enough seed to cover a metre square.

Phacelia tanacetifolia

A great plant for the suburban vege grower, Phacelia is very easy to grow and incredibly useful to have around. It grows quickly and blooms heavily over a long period. Spikes of clustered tiny mauve blooms with long whiskery stamens make a lovely cut flower.

Phacelia's planted for the primary purpose of attracting pollinators, and predators and parasites of pest insects. It's one of the top honey-producing flowers for honeybees and attracts the natural predators of aphids and psyllids.

Producing a lot of biomass, it makes an excellent cover crop or an abundant source of material for the compost heap. Try:

-- planting in early autumn as a cover crop, then follow-up by planting early potatoes in the residue in spring;
-- planting and digging in at any time as a green manure crop;
-- plant underneath apple trees;
-- plant a pretty summer insect border with lashings of phacelia;
-- using as a dead mulch around your tomato plants.

Phacelia seed needs dark for good germination – bury the seed about 7mm. Spring- and summer-planted phacelia flowers approximately 6 – 8 weeks after germination continuing for 6-8 weeks. Phacelia is a long-day plant and requires a minimum of 13 hours of daylight to initiate flowering. Needs full sun.

Seed type: Open-pollinated hardy annual
Days to germination: 7-14
Days to harvest: 5 months

  • Image of Phacelia
  • Image of Phacelia
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